“Realize deeply that
the present moment
is all you ever have.
Make the Now the
primary focus of
your life.”


– Eckhardt Tolle

Nice to meet you. I’m Lil Leaf.


I want to create the ideal environmental conditions for you so that you’re able to experience the perfect moment when you most feel like it. Enjoy quality time to the fullest while feeling comfortable in your own skin. I believe that you need more time to yourself or to spend more of it with the people you feel most comfortable around. Don’t you want to live in the moment and forget about the past and even the future? Well, you can… at least at a time of your choice. Let’s have a look at what’s important to me.

The ultimate recipe for inner peace.


Find a comfortable place or create a cozy surrounding and dive into your own world. An atmosphere which provides the space to help you develop your inner feeling will give you the perfect conditions to focus on your very own wellbeing.


To be present in the moment you must put yourself in the right mood. Emotions and feelings are what make each of us individual and special, and therefore hard to control at times. Emotions can be influenced by your surroundings and by other people, so be careful in making a wise choice.



Living in a fast, changing and complex world you might sometimes forget that the little things in life really do matter. Appreciate and embrace life and enjoy every moment. Feel content about yourself and positive about the things you can accomplish.


You can be anything you want to be if you just believe in it. Find out what really makes you happy and chase your dream. People only regret what they haven’t done. If you’ve tried your best and failed at least you’ve taken the risk and learnt a valuable lesson. Life is a journey, enjoy it.



Take your time to focus on the present. Drink a cup of tea, sit back and relax. Finding your inner peace is really just that easy!

What makes Lil Leaf products special

Embrace organic

Using freshly harvested ingredients, LIL LEAF teas are purely organic and produced with the latest health regulations in mind. LIL LEAFs heritage lies within the mountains of Yunnan and it is working with the most sustainable methods to protect its home and nature.

Mindful selection

The tea leaves are harvested from Yunnan tea farms in the best climate conditions. The original taste of fine Chinese tea gives the perfect foundation for new innovative creations. Mindfully selecting each complementary ingredient and matching them with the smooth tea taste represents our passion for special tea.

Enrich your senses

LIL LEAF teas were created to awaken the senses with refreshing smells and rich tastes made specifically for your moment.
Enjoy the colorful tea spreading in your favorite cup as you anticipate the first sip.

Experience fusion

LIL LEAF combines eastern tea traditions with western flavour creations. Every LIL LEAF tea has a high-end traditional tea base and an infusion of fruits, flowers and/or plants. Every blend is a unique and new kind of experience.