I am Lil Leaf Tea. I believe that happiness comes from a true focus on what‘s really important. How do you reach this state of peace of mind? Sit back, relax and enjoy one of my delicious fusion teas and it will all come easy.

My Varieties
Lil Harmony

Take a break from your stressful day and rebalance your body and soul with our Natural Wellness teas. Carefully selected ingredients will cleanse your body and enable you to free your mind from anything that keeps you from relaxing. Treat yourself, choose your tea and unwind with a steamy cup of all natural wellness!

My teas
Lil Moment

The Cozy Moment line is identified by its soft and warm flavors which when spread, emit a comforting feeling. With every gentle sip you will be carried into a world of calmness, where thoughts and worries are washed away. The harmonious flavors will satisfy your desired peace of mind. The Cozy Moment teas are designed to fill you with warmth wherever you are.

My teas
Lil Moonlight

Treat yourself to the soothing flavours of our moonlight line and slumber under the starry night, clearing the mind for peace and quiet. The softness of the flavor will cushion you to your journey of dreams.

My teas
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